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Changes Coming to APH Textbooks

Textbooks of different sizes

American Printing House for the Blind (APH) has announced that they plan to phase out the production of APH Traditional Enlargement for textbooks and will offer standard size textbooks with large print, as well as digital downloads instead.

Basically the APH Traditional Enlargement involves taking a textbook, putting it on a scanner and then stretching it to be larger. At its best, this can increase the text to about 14 points, but most times only 12 points or smaller. This makes the book really big, with 11.5 x 14 inch pages, and often the images are distorted because they are stretched beyond their original resolution. A standard textbook can have up to 60 different typefaces. In this textbook process, these all remain, they’re just bigger.

APH will continue to provide textbooks for students with low vision on standard size textbook pages.  The textbook comes in volumes, with the same dimensions as the books their peers use. All APH Large Print textbooks are available in a digital download from the APH File Repository, making the books even more accessible.

The textbooks with Traditional Enlargement will be phased out slowly, over the course of several years.

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