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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Embossed Rubik's Cube Available to Borrow for FREE!

Embossed Rubik's Cube

Schools and youth organizations can borrow special Rubik’s Touch Cubes with embossed designs and curriculum materials FREE through this Lending Library!  They will lend the cubes and instructions to you for free, and even pay for return shipping.

For six weeks, your students can enjoy the fun of learning STEM and 21st Century skills with Rubik’s Touch Cubes. Qualified organizations within the USA only may borrow Sets with 12, 24, or 36 Rubik’s Touch Cubes at no cost.


  • Hands-on resource to teach STEM, Geometry, Algebra, and General Math concepts.
  • Helps students visualize many geometric and algebraic math concepts.
  • Enables students to develop a more positive attitude about Math.
  • Builds confidence and fosters growth mindset.
  • Supports STEM content and teaching using an authentic learning experience.
  • Program meets the requirements for many State and Federal funding sources.
  • Promotes 21st Century Skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, perseverance and logical thinking.
  • Developed by educators and classroom tested.

Flyer for Rubik's Cube lending library