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Film Featuring Actor Who Is Deafblind

Feeling Through promotional shot of two male figures

Film maker Doug Roland has announced that he is working in association with the Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) on a film project featuring an actor who is deafblind.  "Feeling Through" tells the story of the unlikely connection between a teen without a home and a man who is deafblind.  The goal is to promote awareness of deafblindness through authentic representation in the media, by casting an actor with a dual sensory impairment in one of the lead roles.  According to Mr. Roland, this will be the first time an actor who is deafblind will be featured as a lead in a film.  The film will be a documentary chronicling the journey of that actor and the unique process of bringing this story to life. A national screening tour with both films accompanied by a panel discussion with prominent members of the DeafBlind community. 

This is a crowd-funded project and Mr. Roland invites you to visit his website to learn more.