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Lego Braille Bricks

A boy holds up a board with braille LEGO bricks

The Lego Group and the Lego Foundation have teamed up with schools and associations for the blind to pilot braille Lego bricks in several countries.  The first prototypes are now in Denmark, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Norway for concept testing.

According to their news release, "the product is currently being tested in Danish, Norwegian, English and Portuguese, while German, Spanish and French will be tested in Q3 2019. The final LEGO Braille Bricks kit is expected to launch in 2020 and will be distributed free of charge to select institutions through participating partner networks in the markets where testing is being carried out with partners. It will contain approximately 250 LEGO Braille Bricks covering the full alphabet, numbers 0-9, select math symbols and inspiration for teaching and interactive games."

While the idea of Lego braille bricks is not entirely new, this will be the first time that they will be made by the Lego company.  Tack-Tiles have been around since the 1980s and many TVIs and families have had success using them with beginning braille readers over the years.  See Using Tack-Tiles to Build Braille Literacy Skills.

In the video below, students and teachers share their impressions of the Lego Braille Bricks.  Teachers describe how they are using the Lego Braille Bricks for teaching math and foreign languages.  Students give them mixed reviews, with the suggestion that the bricks are better suited to beginning readers.


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