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Low Vision Volunteers Needed for Online Accessibility Research

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Dear Members,

We are a group of researchers at Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility (CUDA) at California State University, Long Beach.

We are looking for adult (18 years or older) volunteers with low vision to participate in an online study. It examines how two text resizing techniques influence reading comprehension.

This research is being conducted as part of Mei Ling Chan’s Master’s Thesis for Human Factors Psychology Program at California State University, Long Beach.

If you volunteer to participate, you will be asked to access our online study by clicking on the link below. After you provide your consent to participate, you will be given instructions for completing several reading tasks using different text resizing techniques.

You will also be asked to complete several questionnaires and provide demographic information. The study is self- paced and takes about one and one half hour to complete. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw your participation at any time.

You will not receive any compensation for your participation.

However, your participation will help us gain more insight on how to better assist the low vision community interact with digital devices in the future. If you are interested to participate, you can access the study via the link below:

CSULB Low Vision Accessibility Study

Web address:

If you have any question regarding this study, please contact Mei Ling Chan at Thank you!


Mei Ling Chan