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New Nemeth Braille Option on KeySoft 9.4!

BrailleNote Apex

The HumanWare team has been hard at work on the next version of KeySoft (version 9.4) for the BrailleNote Apex.  Along with other enhancements, the main focus of this free update is to introduce the support of the Nemeth Braille code in the word processor, thus making the BrailleNote Apex the first electronic note taking device capable of doing math entry and translation.

This document briefly outlines some important benefits to students and teachers that you can use to build excitement for KeySoft 9.4, which is expected to be released later in the fall.  The benefits listed below are not possible with a mainstream tablet or other electronic note taking device.

Nemeth Braille in KeyWord

What will it do?

  •  KeySoft 9.4 will provide the Nemeth code as an available Braille grade, in which a student can instantly switch into while typing a document.
  • By simply pressing backspace + N, the student can begin entering in Nemeth Braille, and the Apex’s text to speech voice will speak the equation, or series of symbols.
  • The teacher can connect the Apex to a monitor and have the translated Nemeth Braille, instantly available in print for verification purposes.
  • The student could connect the Apex to a compatible print printer, and print out the math assignment in readable print.
  • Using the familiar exporting procedure, students can export their math assignments as a Microsoft word document, and email or transfer it to their classroom teacher via a thumb drive or SD card.


  • Nemeth access has never been available on an electronic Braille device.  The Apex will be the first device to offer this revolutionary feature.
  • Students in math classes are using Perkins braillers to type their math homework only to have teachers of the visually impaired (TVIs) spend countless hours writing the print on top of the braille for the classroom teacher to grade. The end result is that the blind student turns in his or her assignment later, and receives the graded homework back significantly later than the other sighted classmates.
  • With KeySoft 9.4, this delay will be a thing of the past.  A normal math class would go as follows with the BrailleNote:
    • The student who is blind gets his or her assignment.
    • He creates a standard KeyWord file and switches into Nemeth code.
    • He writes out his answers.
    • The student saves the KeyWord file as a Microsoft Word document.
    • The student connects to school’s WI-FI and emails his teacher his assignment at the same time that his sighted classmates are turning in their assignments.

KeySoft 9.4 to be released fall of 2013.

Specific dates to follow.