Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Now FREE: All Sonokids Ballyland Educational Apps for iPad

All Ballyland apps

In response to the current global situation, all Ballyland game apps for the iPad are now available for free.  This is a temporary offer, so take advantage to support accessible eLearning at home, and download the apps now from the App Store.

11 Ballyland apps are now available in the App Store!

  • Ballyland Stay Still Squeaky
  • Ballyland CosmoBally in Space
  • Ballyland Magic
  • Ballyland Mágico (Spanish)
  • VO Lab
  • Ballyland Sound Memory
  • Ballyland Geluiden Memory (Dutch)
  • Ballyland Code 1: Say Hello
  • Ballyland Code 2: Give Rotor
  • Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up


Learn VoiceOver with well-known Ballyland Magic. Or teach yourself to code, with the three Ballyland Code apps! Play Ballyland Sound Memory with the whole family. The hugely popular Ballyland CosmoBally in Space was of course already a free app, and this app can be tied in with fun space related activities at home.

The Sonokids team hopes that many blind or visually impaired children from around the world, their parents and teachers, will benefit from this special, temporary offer. Don’t miss out and download the apps now! 

Free - Available on the App Store

The Ballyland apps are designed to be used both at school and in the home.

More information about the Ballyland apps, helpful tips and instructions for teaching with the apps, is available on the Sonokids website