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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Openings for Cal State ExCEL Academy This Fall!

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Does your child need help with organization? Money management? Cooking? Cleaning? Labeling and laundering clothing? Assistive technology?

Cal State ExCEL Academy can help!

Now Accepting Applications! Hurry! Spots are limited. APPLY HERE!

There are still 40 spots left for this unique opportunity. The California State University has a teacher of the visually impaired education program and they are looking for students who would like to learn skills while these TVI candidates are learning.

What is Cal State ExCEL?

In Cal State ExCEL, your child will be assigned to a TVI candidate in the VI Credential Program at Cal State Los Angeles. The candidate will work with you to determine your child's greatest areas of need as it pertains to the Expanded Core Curriculum, and they will provide one on one and small group instruction tailored specifically for your child's learning. Data will be gathered on progress made on the goal, and the student's work and progress will be highlighted during a culminating open house at the end of the semester.

How does it work?

The program will run on 11 Saturdays between September and mid December (exact dates are to follow.) Participants will meet individually and in small groups with their instructors online during pre-determined times to receive instruction. They will work on their specific goals developed by the teacher candidate and caregiver, and they will learn and interact with other students in the program. Each semester is thematically driven with a strong STEAM focus. Past themes have included Around the World and Career options. In past semesters, students have made strong social connections with other students in the program, as well as improved upon daily living skills such as meal planning and preparation, hygiene, recreation, socialization and much much more.

Flyer for Cal State ExCEL Academy

ExCEL Academy is a unique FREE program offered remotely for fall 2020. The program enables TVI (Teacher for the Visually Impaired) candidates to provide direct instruction to students with visual impairments.
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