Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Parent Survey

A young boy is surrounded by books.

Hello Parents!

I am currently working on creating an online course for Perkins School for the Blind.  The course will be about making literacy accessible.  I was wondering, only if you feel comfortable, if you would mind me using your child as a type of 'case study' to help teachers learn how to make literacy accessible to children with vision impairments.  All I would need from you is:

  • Complete the following short survey (only 8 questions!)
  • Include any pictures you have of your child with books or adapted literacy materials/activities of any kind and also one picture of your child that is one of your favorites  (All pictures need to belong to you).   I would also take any video clips, literacy related, that you are willing to share.  I would not use their real name (unless you otherwise note, and then it would be first name only).
  • Sign a release form.

I will be using the information about your child as an activity for the students taking the class to brainstorm appropriate adapted materials for your child.  

Thank you for considering and for your help!  This is a topic that I am very passionate about; making literacy accessible to ALL children!  I am really hoping this class will encourage and give ideas to educators and families working with children who have vision impairments to help make their child's literacy world accessible-no matter what age or level!   


  1. Child's first name (I will not use their real first name unless you note otherwise)
  2. Age
  3. Please describe your child's vision.
  4. Describe things that your child loves and/or is important to them (i.e. activities, foods, friends/family, etc.)
  5. What do others like and admire about your child?
  6. Describe the school setting of your child.
  7. Describe your child's interest in anything related to literacy.  What media does your child use/prefer or has had experience with? ex: large print, object symbols, tactile graphics, braille, etc.   Would they be able to use books using regular braille paper or would they need sturdier material to use for pages? 
  8. List supports your child needs.  Please list any other information that you think we should know about your child.

Thanks for your time and your willingness to help others learn more about supporting our children!

Sandy Kenrick