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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society Launches New Website!

PCVIS logo

The Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society (PCVIS) has launched a beautiful new website with extensive information about CVI.   A group of talented mothers of children with CVI has compiled information and resources, including the following pages:

  • What is CVI?
  • CVI 101
  • How is CVI diagnosed?
  • How is CVI different?
  • The 10 Characteristics of CVI
  • Medical Professionals
    • Defining CVI
    • How Doctors Diagnose CVI
    • Medical Care After CVI Diagnosis
    • Communicating With Families
    • Medical Resources for CVI
  • Educators and Therapists
    • CVI and Learning
    • Phase I CVI
    • Phase II CVI
    • Phase III CVI
    • An Approach to Literacy
    • Salient Features and Comparative Thought
    • The “What’s the Complexity?” 
  • Families and Caregivers
    • Impact of CVI on Families
    • Newly Diagnosed
    • CVI and the IFSP/IEP
    • Everyday CVI Adaptations and Approaches
    • Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)
  • Research
    • CVI and Neuroplasticity
  • CVI and Advocacy


Visit the website.