Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Podcast of Resources for Teaching Online

Kassy Maloney on an O & M lesson; text "A Step Forward with Kassy Maloney"

I was honored to be interviewed by Kassy Maloney for a podcast on Allied Independence Online.  Episode 28: Resources for Teaching Online with Charlotte Cushman offers tips and resources for teachers, COMS and families who are making the transition to learning online during this time of school closures.

The summary of the podcast appears as follows:

In this day and age,  it is so essential that you are taking the time for yourself to continue your professional development and reaching out to seek information that will help guide you and help you succeed. And what better way for us to spend our free time at the moment than to enrich our minds and ourselves with positive and helpful information. But where do you go? And are these resource materials easily accessible?

This has been a crazy time for people everywhere. We are trying to cope with changes that are happening so quickly. As a parent and a teacher, we are still expected to continue teaching our kids and our students at a distance. This is all the more challenging if you need to teach students who are visually impaired. Is there a way to hit both of these seemingly impossible obstacles with one stone, so to speak?

Join me and the amazing Charlotte Cushman as we discuss strategies that you can adopt to have a productive teaching session each time as well as how Virtual Excel Academy can help you become the most effective virtual teacher you can possibly be for your visually impaired students. 

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