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Podcast on TSBVI Curriculum

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This podcast is part of the "A Sense of Texas" series from Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI).  Each episode focuses on a different topic and this episode is devoted to Curriculum at TSBVI.

The curriculum is the backbone of every successful classroom especially when teaching blind and visually impaired students. Debra Sewell, head of the Curriculum department at TSBVI, is interviewed by Emily Coleman, Director of TSBVI Outreach, to discuss upcoming releases, bestsellers, and some hidden gems.

Upcoming Publications from TSBVI

  • Essential Tools of the Trade: A How-to Guide for Completing Functional Vision, LMA and ECC Evaluations
  • DeafBlind FVE-LMA (Functional Vision Evaluation-Learning Media Assessment)
  • Texas Two-Steps: an early intervention O&M curriculum for children who are 0-5 years old. 
  • EXIT Activities Guide (updated)
  • Finding Wheels (updated)
  • Paraeducator Handbook (updated)

See the full list of publications available from TSBVI.


Why do TSBVI publications remain relevant?

TSBVI publications are user-friendly and geared toward the practitioner, which makes them extremely valuable to those working or teaching in the field.


Some of the most popular books from TSBVI are:

Hidden Gems from TSBVI


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