Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Seeking Consumers to Review a New Color Identifier

Color star

APH is seeking consumers to review a new color identifier! The Color-Star is CareTec's newest version of the Colorino.

The Color-Star is a much expanded version of Colorino. It is smaller, lighter and handy, has an improved speech output and higher accuracy. It recognizes up to 1000 nuances of colors as well as pattern and contrasts which it converts into musical tones.


  • Improved, natural speech output
  • Volume control in 5 levels
  • Higher measure accurancy
  • Recognizes up to 1000 color nuances according to NCS (Natural Color System)
  • Recognizes pattern (e.g. of clothes) and contrasts and converts them into musical tones
  • It measures the intensity and hue of light, of transparent materials as well as of LEDs
  • Color comparison

Color recognition by people who are deafblind 

  • Colors can be explained by referring to our Globe: The hue by their position at the equator, the intensity by the distance to the axis of the Earth and the brightness by the distance to the North Pole.
  • The optional function of the Color Star can communicate these dimensions with vibrations so that even deaf-blind people can be made familiar with the phenomena of colors.


If you, or someone you know, would be interested in reviewing this product, please contact Laura Zierer at There are only a few units available for testing.

Learn more information about the device.