Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Seeking People to Collaborate on Project on Concept Development for VI

Call for Action: concept development
Dear Colleague,

Within the expertise program “Knowledge & Ability” of Royal Dutch Visio, centre of expertise for partially sighted and blind people, we are involved in concept development for children with a severe visual impairment. Our aim is for these children to participate in a world they understand. Here we can contribute as professionals if we have the right knowledge and resources. 

Joining Forces and Knowledge

We notice that a lot of knowledge about concept development comes from experience and is in the minds of professionals. There seem to be few methods available to support good concept development. The resources that are available are not always shared with other professionals.

We assume that materials have been developed in various organizations and used to give children a good insight into the world. What if we collect and bundle this knowledge? So everyone can use the knowledge of professionals from different countries. That is what we want!

Interactive e-learning

We want to achieve this by starting an interactive e-learning, a so-called C-MOOC. In four blocks of one week, Visio puts its knowledge and materials online in a protected environment. In addition, we place a number of questions for you. Throughout the week you can upload documents, videos, photos, vlogs, blogs on this theme and discuss with fellow professionals. When everyone does this for four weeks, we collectively have a wealth of information. It will cost you two to four hours a week in April for four weeks.

Let us know your interest!

Are you interested in taking part? Please fill out the survey! Do you know people who might be interested as well, feel free to forward this mail to them. If there is enough interest, you will receive the invitation for the C-MOOC in April. We hope for a large number of participants, both nationally and internationally!

Click here to go to the survey.

More information? Look at this short movie.  

Questions? Feel free to ask them by sending an e-mail to
Fenne van den Bos
Program Manager Knowledge & Ability