Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Share Your Comments about Education

Teacher providing individual instruction

You may think that your opinion doesn't count, but in fact this is the time to send in comments you may have about the education of your child or your students with visual impairments.  The US Department of Education is looking at the possibility of loosening regulations and rolling back guidance statements at the department. 

Children who are visually impaired and blind are “costly” to a school district.  In 2013 a letter was sent out about the importance of providing quality braille instruction, but that doesn't mean that this position cannot be rolled back.   Many of us believe that it’s "MORE costly NOT to provide instruction to students in low incidence disability categories, and that providing braille, technology, and high quality educational services— including direct instruction from a certified TVI —is essential to positive outcomes for our students who are visually impaired and blind." (FM D'Andrea, AERNet Listserv, July 27, 2017).
You can submit comments on both regulations and guidance online (at docket number ED-2017-OS-0074-0001) by the strict deadline of Aug. 21.  You may wish to share this with parents, teachers, and students themselves to write in and share their comments about the importance of qualified TVIs and COMs in the education of students who are blind or visually impaired.