Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

SMART Brailler Updates

A young boy uses a SMART Brailler as his teacher looks on.

The SMART Brailler is an updated Perkins Brailler that displays, vocalizes, and produces braille based on what a student types. With the built-in app “Building on Patterns: Kindergarten,” early braille students can have continual access and opportunity to begin to learn braille outside of traditional braille lesson plans with TVIs. Additionally, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals and parents who may not know braille can engage with children through the visual output feature.

SMART Braillers are now shipping with major design and software updates, making this the strongest and toughest version yet!

  •     Unified English Braille (UEB)
  •     Increased strength and durability of plastic exterior
  •     Easier paper loading and decreased paper jamming

Any SMART Braillers you have can be updated with the latest software. Download the instructions and latest software to update your SMART Brailler.