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TSBVI Coffee Hour Begins a New Year!

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Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) Outreach has announced the continuation of the popular Coffee Hour series Mondays at 3:00 p.m. (CDT) and Thursdays at Noon (CDT).  Registration is required for each session. This means that CEUs are available! Registration links can be found in the schedule on the Coffee Hour page.

The schedule so far is:

  • August 24th: Engaging with Families with Edgenie Bellah and Kathi Garza
  • August 27th: VoiceOver Basics on iOS with Carrie Farraje
  • August 31st:  Features and Needs of Individuals with CVI Across the Phases with Dr. Christine Roman
  • September 3rd:  Proactive Advocacy for Back to School with Kim Avila, Kathi Garza
  • September 10th:  I Can Do More with My Devices with Cindy Bachofer
  • September 14th:  Texas Families Together Perspectives with Edgenie Bellah, Kathi Garza, David Wiley, Eva Thompson Lavigne & Family Panel
  • September 17th: Partnering with Families in Preparing for Life after School with Eva Thompson Lavigne and David Wiley
  • September 21st:  More Remote O&M Strategies with Chris Tabb
  • September 24th:  Active Learning Space Resource for Learning with Kate Hurst and Charlotte Cushman
  • September 28th:  Learning Nemeth Code: Pre-K through 1st Grade with Susan Osterhaus
  • October 1st: Introduction to the Chromebook Cecilia Robinson & Bruce McClanahan, AT Specialist, Washington State School for the Blind
Be sure to check the Coffee Hour page regularly to learn about the latest offerings!