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Virtual Field Trip of Fort Vancouver

Mobility Matters flyer of Ft. Vancouver

Grab your map and your sense of adventure for this year’s Mobility Matters! Get ready for a virtual, accessible trip to a national treasure in the Pacific Northwest, historic Fort Vancouver! Portland State University’s College of Education is excited to reprise this 4th annual interdisciplinary summit on February 26 from 9:00-11:45 AM (PST) with a focus on exploring our national treasures through accessible virtual field trips. Join teachers from Washington State School for the Blind, Steve Lowry and Jeff Bowler, who are partnering with PSU and National Park Service staff to take us on a virtual tour of this National Park Service gem.

Image of Steve Lowry, a tall, trim man with white skin and brown hair stands near a tall exterior wall made of logs at Fort Vancouver. He is holding a tactile map of the fort grounds. The day is sunny and there is green grass surrounding the fort.

Tactile map of Fort Vancouver

Educators, curators, urban planners, O&M Specialists, civil engineers, and all those that are interested in accessible recreation and learning are welcome to join us. Special guests include students and faculty from schools for the blind who will add to the dialogue about accessible learning and mobility for all.

We will have activities including a map that students can print or that their TSVIs can print for them. If they have access to a 3-D printer, there will be floor plans they can print too.

Mobility Matters flyer

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