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Winners of the Contest for Most Popular Strategies

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Congratulations to the winners of our contest for the most popular strategy posted in March 2014!  We are very grateful to each of you who submitted an activity and to each of you who took the time to vote.  We celebrated our second anniversary here at Paths to Literacy this month, and it is the active participation of the members of our online community that make it such a success!

Many thanks to Seedlings for their generous donation of two braille books for this contest.


collage of mommy book


Mommy Book won first place with the most votes.  This post is a strategy for parents or caregivers who will be separated from a child who is deafblind or who might not understand where the person has gone.

The author, Sandy Kenrick, is a blogger on Paths to Literacy, and the mother of a preschooler who is deafblind.

She has won a copy of Green Eggs and Ham in uncontracted braille.





collage of nature walks

Our second place winner is Nature Walk, which is a post that combines Orientation and Mobility with a writing activity.

The author, Liz Eagan, is a TVI in Texas and a frequent contributor to Paths to Literacy.

She won a copy of The Cat in the Hat in contracted braille.


Please join us in celebrating these great ideas and share your own ideas on the site.  You can email us directly at: