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Anna Swenson photo
I am a retired teacher of students with visual impairments currently working as a braille literacy consultant for the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. Although I have taught braille to students at all levels, my particular area of expertise is younger children who are learning to read in braille. I enjoy writing about my work and am the author of "Beginning with Braille: Firsthand Experiences with a Balanced Approach to Literacy" published by AFB Press. Other professional activities include presenting at conferences, test writing for the Braille Challenge contest, and product development for APH (Early Braille Trade Books; Revision of Building on Patterns).
Brenda Biernat with son Jasper
My son was diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment in 2011. Ever since, I learn as much as I can about CVI, including through Perkins' education programs, and work to increase awareness of CVI. My son and I live in Seattle and enjoy hiking, biking, and going to the beach.  I created the website Start Seeing CVI and Facebook page in response to the overwhelming need for awareness around CVI in our kids.
Site administrator
Charlotte Cushman
I am the manager of Paths to Literacy and the Active Learning Space websites.
Chris Tabb
Statewide Orientation and Mobility Consultant for Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired's Outreach Programs; enjoying sharing and learning from everyone in the field!
Deedra Finch
I am an Itinerant CTVI with Metro Nashville Public Schools, an Educational Consultant with Tennessee Deaf Blind Project, and Adjunct Faculty with Trevecca Nazarene University Vision Teacher Preparation Program.   I have worked for 17 years as a special education teacher and CTVI. My passion is serving students who have Blindness/Multiple Disabilities!
Diane Sheline
Diane is the author of the book, "Strategy to See: Strategies for Students with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment" and is the creator of the website, Strategy to See. She is a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments as well as a Certified Low Vision Therapist.  Diane focuses her attention on education of students with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and has earned the Perkins-Roman CVI Endorsement.  Diane conducts a variety of professional development trainings to teachers, parents and other professionals regarding identification, assessment and intervention for students with CVI.  She also conducts private assessments and works closely with local school districts to meet their assessment needs.    
Project Leader
Dawn Wilkinson
Dawn Wilkinson is the Early Childhood Project Leader at APH and is a certified teacher of the visually impaired. 
Edith West
While working as a Braille Transcriber for El Dorado COE, I enjoy teaching and creating Braille, producing quality enlarged work for the visually impaired students, and especially, seeing the light go on as children and youth learn concepts. I have discovered that including Braille art, tactile books and drawings, and even music in teaching, can help students to be more engaged and enthusiastic. I believe creativity helps us learn faster because it enlivens the mind and soul. 
Education Consultant in VI
Photo of Gwyn McCormack
My name is Gwyn, I am a qualified teacher of visual impairments with 20 years experience. I run an educational consultancy and training service for professionals working with children with visual impairments called Positive Eye, based here in the UK. Positive Eye delivers courses both here and in Europe. In addition Positive Eye has its own product range, which I have written and developed and publish in house to meet the bespoke requirements of the audience I work with. It has become a popular range amongst professionals in the UK.  
Deafblind Educational Specialist
Holly and Leo
I am the early childhood consultant for the Texas Deafblind Project, which is part of TSBVI Outreach. I also have worked as a deafblind consultant with school aged students and in assistive technology. Professionally my interests are communication and early literacy, touch, tactile learning and BART (Bonding and Relaxation Technique). I also like to read and teach about active learning, assistive technology, play and toys. I have a special interest in children with severe and profound multiple disabilities and CHARGE syndrome.