Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Boy using hundreds chart to count by tens
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Teach children with visual impairments number sense using an accessible hundreds chart with braille and a tactile grid.
Hands reading braille fork label on silverware drawer
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Using braille to label shelves and items in kitchen helps develop braille literacy, as well as independent living skills.
Cover of Clown book
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Tips to make regular classroom books accessible to children who are blind or deafblind, with braille and tactile symbols
Easter Story cover
Added by Sandy Kenrick
The Easter Story from the Bible is simplified for beginning braille readers and children who are deafblind using interactive tactile symbols.
Two children using tactile sign language
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Ideas to support friendships between children who are blind or deafblind and typical peers through braille literacy experience creating accessible books
Accessible magnets holding artwork on refrigerator
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Add braille to refrigerator magnets to make them accessible to ALL children!
Accessible job chart with "to do" list
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Create an accessible job chart at home using braille, objects and print!
My Fuzzy Valentine cover
Added by Sandy Kenrick
This touch and feel Valentine's Day book was modified by adding textured hearts and the word "heart' in braille.
magnetic storyboard
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Create a magnetic storyboard for braille users or children with visual impairments or deafblindness
A young boy is surrounded by books.
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Seeking parent participation in literacy survey