Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Survey of Users with Low Vision

Results of survey with people with low vision using assistive technology
A girl with glasses reads a braille book.

Coping Strategies in Reading: Multi-readers in the Norwegian General Education System

Six primary school–aged braille students were taught to name 4 to 10 braille letters as phonemes and another 4 to 10 braille letters as graphemes

Low Vision Meta-Analysis

Examination of the research evidence on low vision stimulation, development, and devices.
Girl uses an adapted keyboard to access a computer

Low Vision Affects the Reading Process Quantitatively But Not Qualitatively

Comparison of the reading behavior of students with low vision to that of two groups of students with normal vision.
Boy uses handheld magnifier to read a line of print.

Literacy Skills of Children with Low Vision

This study examines the literacy performance and development of children with low vision andlooks at the extent to which the performance of children with low vision differs from their sighted peers
A boy with glasses looks at a line of print with his teacher.

Literacy and Australians with Low Vision

This paper presents research and reflections on literacy and low vision.
Teenage girl with handheld magnifier looks at cell phone

Literacy for Students with Low Vision: A Framework for Delivering Instruction

This study identified the levels of direct and consultative instructional services needed for teaching literacy skills to students with low vision.