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Tellefson book covers

New Chapter Books for Grades 4-7 with Main Characters Who Are Blind

These two new chapter books for readers in grades 4-7 feature main characters who are blind and are available in print and braille.
A boy with enlarged print on an iPad

Tools to Support You in Having a Student with a Visual Impairment in Your K-6 General Education Classroom

These self-paced training modules are designed for general education teachers who have a student who is blind or visually impaired in their classroom.
Black and white drawing of a teenage boy and a dog

Exploring Optical Devices with Elementary-Age Readers: Tomás and the Case of the Mysterious Missing Dog

A story and activity ideas for students with low vision to learn about optical devices and strategies
A boy uses a white board and a computer screen

How Do I Support the Print Reader in My Classroom?

How Do I Support the Print Reader in My Classroom? is a self-paced video module designed to give you information on how students with low vision can access print.
Cover of SET-BC Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies for Students with Visual Impairments: A Classroom Teacher's Guide

Strategies to promote reading skills with students who are blind or visually impaired
Two boys use monoculars outside

Monocular and Magnifier Training Documents

Documentation tools for training students to use low vision devices, such as monoculars and magnifier.
Donut Forget Valentines Cards

Donut Forget Your Valentines

Print and braille valentines to celebrate Valentine's Day!
Cover of A Blind Guide to Stinkville

Book Review: A Blind Guide to Stinkville

A TVI with albinism reviews a young adult novel about a 12-year-old girl growing up with albinism.
NOAH SchoolKit logo

NOAH SchoolKit for Students with Albinism

Educational tips and resources for teaching students with albinism.
Kristie Smith and Kerry Isham holding APH Game kits.

Create Educational Games with APH Game Kit

Create your own educational games for students who are blind or partially sighted!
Accessible Tests Resource Center

Accessible Tests Resource Center

Information and resources on accessibility of testing for students who are blind or visually impaired
Math worksheet

How To Adapt Materials for Students with Low Vision

Learn how to adapt documents for students with low vision

Directory of Pediatric Low Vision Service Providers

Directory of low vision service providers
Image of Dolly Parton reading a book with a young girl

Free print/braille books available for children under the age of 6!

Find out how you can get free braille books for your young child who is blind or visually impaired!
Portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Braille Books for Presidents' Day

A partial listing of children's braille books on the topic of American presidents.
boy and teacher using magnifying screen to read

Determining Print Recommendations for Students with Low Vision

These forms were created to document print recommendations for students with low vision.
full size letters "G" and "A"

Flashcards for Students with Low Vision

These flashcards appeal to students with low vision using bright yellow paper and large font.
matching bucket - yellow pail with different items, spoon, pencil, book

Model of Literacy Lesson: Practicing Blending for Reading

Tips on adapting literacy lesson focusing on blends for braille readers
Martin Luther King, Jr. giving "I have a dream" speech

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.: Ideas for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Activities for students who are blind or visually impaired honoring Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Wilson Reading System

Wilson Reading System Brochure

The Wilson Reading System has been adapted into braille and large print for struggling readers.