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Resource Guide for Students with Visual Impairments Entering College

Test Prep Insight offers a resource guide for students with visual impairments who are entering college.

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Deciding to go to college can be a daunting task for all high school students. To have the extra pressure of finding a program and college that fits all your needs that also include a vision impairment can be stressful. There are great resources that can help navigate when making such an important decision.

Test Prep Insight has an article that starts in the college investigation process answering some important questions:

How do colleges accommodate students with visual impairments?

What assistive technology is available for students who have a visual impairment?

What are the most popular college majors for students with visual disabilities?

What are some parent tips for helping their student have a successful college experience?

Find the Answers and Read the Entire Article

Additional Resources:

Tips for University and Secondary School Teachers

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College Guide for Students With Visual Impairments

A college guide article that focuses on students with visual impairments.

The Complete Guide for Deaf & Hearing Impaired College Students

Information and tips for students with hearing loss.

Resource Guide for Entering College for Students with Visual Impairments title with a photo of a student in his cap and gown with a thumbs up.
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