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App for Creating Flashcards: Sight Words – Record and Read

This app for creating flashcards allows users to add and record new words, which makes it helpful for students who are blind or visually impaired to do review work.

I have been looking for an iPad app to create flash cards that allow for font size accommodation, as well as text-to-speech, in order to help my students do review work.

I did some research and found Sight Words – Record and Read, which works very well and is very simple. It allows you to add and record new words for free or buy pre-fab lists for about a dollar (we’re using it free). It does not allow for font size change or two finger zooming (I didn’t try it with magnification from accessibility, but it would probably work), but the font is already pretty big and clear (you can change the font style). 
Another feature I like is that it has no advertisements and the buttons are very large. I tried Quizlet, but they had ads every other screen with sounds and tiny escape “x” that showed up in different corners each time. 

Description from iTunes

Add words and record their pronunciation to help your kid study. Children enjoy practicing with a familiar voice or recording their own voice. Includes a few prerecorded Dolch lists and others are available via in-app purchase.


  • Add new words and record them in your own voice
  • Tag problem words for later review
  • Prerecorded words available via in-app purchase
  • Turn each word list on and off individually
  • Simple interface is easy for kids to use
  • No ads

iPhone Screenshots

Flashcard with the word


Groups of words




Collage of app for creating flashcards