Early Literacy Guides for Parents

These language and literacy guides and resources for parents of young children help to develop early literacy skills.

The Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) has a wide range of free online practice guides for parents. These guides are designed to support parents as they seek to provide their infants, toddlers, or preschoolers with fun and exciting literacy learning experiences. Practitioners working with parents may also find these helpful.

Topics include:

  • Literacy Learning Experiences
  • Stories and Listening
  • Scribbling and Drawing
  • Rhymes and Sound Awareness
  • Vocalizing and Listening
  • Gestures and Signing
  • Symbols and Letters
  • Letters and Spelling

The guides are also available in Spanish.

Practice Guide with Adaptations are especially designed to support children with disabilities to participate in early literacy learning activities. Written for both parents and practitioners, the practice guides describe everyday home, community, and childcare learning opportunities that encourage early literacy learning. 

In addition CELL Reviews, which are practice-based research syntheses of early literacy learning studies, are available on a variety of topics.