Facial Expression Game with a Lazy Sue

This activity supports the development of social interaction, as well as speaking and listening skills in children with visual impairments.

Here is another fun creative resource from Positive Eye, to support speaking and listening skills together with social skills, using the Lazy Sue from IKEA. It is an inclusive game that all the classmates can  join in with alongside the child with VI. You can adapt the game to suit the child you are working with. Watch the video to find out more about the game and how to play it.




You will need:


How to play

  • Throw a 6 to start, press the buzzer
  • Spin the Lazy Sue
  • When it stops, look or feel the facial expression that stops in front of the player
  • Choose the word label that matches the facial expression
  • Child to make the facial expression, others to guess which one they are mimicking, describe face being pulled
  • Child to identify the voice tone that matches the emotion being conveyed in the facial expression (using the recordable pegs). Alternatively the child could read the voice tone onto the peg that matches the emotion being conveyed
  • Game continues with players throwing a 6 to take a turn, pressing the buzzer, spinning the Lazy Sue until all the cards, pegs and facial expressions are matched
  • Winner is the person who matches the most expressions

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game using Lazy Susan with facial expressions