Free Online Course: Emergent Literacy for Students with Visual Impairments

Online course on Emergent Literacy for Students with Visual Impairments

This free online course is a 4-part series on Emergent Literacy for Students with Visual Impairments with Elizabeth Dennison of the SKI-HI Institute, hosted by Washington Sensory Disabilities Services.  It uses a combination of archived webinars, powerpoint presentations, and handouts to present information on all aspects of early literacy.

  • Session 1:  Introduction to Early Literacy is designed to  increase understanding of how language development is critical for early literacy development and to explore strategies for working on early concept development.
  • Session 2:  Developing Language offers more strategies for early concept development and explores methods and tools to use in assessing early literacy development.
  • Session 3:  Early Literacy Experiences focuses on knowledge of how to access literacy materials in braille, making simple adaptations of materials in braille, how to provide early instruction in braille readiness, and how to provide meaningful reading, storytelling and early writing experiences for children with vision loss.
  • Session 4:  Hands and Touch addresses activities to assist children in developing the fine motor and tactile skills that will be needed for reading, how to incorporate literacy skills activities in the preschool early elementary classroom, routines, and how to access a variety of early literacy experiences in the community.