iHome Power Clip

Check out this solution to keep electronic devices powered for use with students with visual impairments!

Power is a magical thing. It’s what keeps our devices charged and helps our students use their technology to access the curriculum. But what happens when devices aren’t charged or the batteries have been drained from constant use?  It’s your turn to work with the student and you don’t have a place in your area to charge the device… Time for that alternate activity.
Well, I found the iHome Power Clip that works with Apple products. It takes about an hour to charge the device. You can charge it using the computer (as pictured) or using a wall socket. The Power Clip flashes as it is charging. When it stops flashing, it is fully charged and is now ready to go. Carry it with you and where ever you work, you now have a power source for the device!
The last picture shows it working with an iPad. The device lights up as it charges the device. I like how it has a clip on it so I can clip it on the handle of something making it easy to find. It can be found at Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, etc. I bought mine at Walgreens (where I first noticed it) for $29 and later saw a newer version on Amazon for $6 less. If you’re interested in this product, I recommend you shop around for the best price.
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