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Latest Updates and Offering from the Project INSPIRE Team

Don’t miss out on this course beginning Feb 19th!

We are pleased to once again be offering our free, self-paced professional development courses for teachers of students with visual impairments, braille transcribers, paraprofessionals, and others who are supporting STEM learning for braille readers in PK-12 education.

Registration is now open. Courses begin on February 19 and run through April 5.

We have had 816 courses completed since we started offering courses in 2020. Over half of the people who have taken a course with us, have taken 2 or more courses. On our pretest the average participant scores 10 out of 20 and on our post-test they score 16 out of 20. There’s a lot of learning that occurs for a participant taking one of our courses!

Six of our courses provide instruction on Nemeth Code Within UEB Contexts along with methods and materials so support students in the classroom. Our seventh course An Introduction to UEB Math/Science for Pre-Kindergarten-1st Grade Students and Strategies for Supporting Math Learning was first piloted in Fall 2023. In this course you will learn the symbols used in UEB Math/Science. The methods and materials are the same as in Course 1.

Why should you take a UEB Math/Science course if your students use Nemeth Code Within UEB Contexts? In the United States students have the option to learn both codes. You may have a student assigned to your caseload who has previously learned UEB Math/Science and you need to continue their education in this code. Why not get started at the beginning level with UEB Math/Science by taking our first course focused on this code?

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Happy Hours are back for Spring 2024 on Thursdays from 6-7 PM Eastern / 3-4 PM Pacific! If you’ve joined us for one of our Happy Hours in the past, you know they are packed full of information. Our lineup for Spring 2024 is:

  • February 29: Using Desmos with Sara Larkin
  • March 7: Get Your Middle and High School Braille Readers Ready for Our “Project INSPIRE Mathletes Competition” with Sara Larkin and Susan Osterhaus
  • March 14: Supporting Elementary Braille Readers in Graphics Literacy with Penny Rosenblum  

If you’re not already on our mailing list, be sure to sign up so you and your students don’t miss out on upcoming activities. We are planning two activities for students this spring.

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