Noah’s Ark: Electronic Game for the Blind

Free electronic game designed to work on visual memory

By Vassilis Giannakopoulos

Science For You (SciFY –, the technological not-for-profit organization from Greece has developed one more accessible game for players who are blind: Noah’s Ark! It is a memory-type game, in which the player tries to find pairs of identical “cards”, created around a story with lots of fun elements. The game is downloadable and free.

For the last three years, SciFY has been developing electronic games for people who are blind and offering them for free. They have created 8 games up to now, and more than 8,000 people already use them. To maximize the impact, SciFY creates versions of their games in different languages. Noah’s Ark has been released just a few days ago. In the game, the player gets in the Ark, feeds the animals, and practices his/her memory, attention and focus, while having fun!

You can find Noah’s Ark in Memor-i Studio:, a platform where everybody can create their own electronic games for blind, even with no knowledge of programming. The platform is very useful for teachers, as they can create educational variations, and fun for the kids, too. Some of the games on Memor-i Studio have been created by blind children themselves!

We hope you will let us know if you try this game. We are always looking for feedback to improve our games!

Collage of Noahs Ark