Welcome to the Web: “CVI Teacher” Blog!

CVI Teacher is a website and blog offering strategies and resources for teachers and families of children with cortical visual impairment.

March 2014 marked the arrival of a new source of information, teaching strategies, and general reflections on the fascinating practice of educating students with cortical-cerebral visual impairments, generally known by the abbreviation CVI. Paths to Literacy is excited to introduce you to CVI Teacher, a blog and resource site at .

Ellen Cadigan Mazel, M.Ed. CTVI, Cortical Visual Impairment Advisor, is herself a member of the Paths to Literacy Community of Practice, and well-known in the Boston Metro area through her work with Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative. Once a student of Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy’s, Ms. Mazel is especially interested in compensatory skills development. She writes that she hopes her blog  “will generate more referral for children so they can improve visual skills.” One of the key differentiators of success for students with all kinds of visual impairments is an early diagnosis and referral.

Begin your visit by learning “10 Characteristics” of CVI, and understanding the goals of the “Three Phases of CVI.” Take a look at the inaugural posts in this month’s calendar, and sign up for notifications of new posts as they are available.