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APH Tactile Graphic Image Library

APH Tactile Graphics Library

APH's Tactile Graphic Image Library (TGIL) offers a pool of free templates to assist with the creation of tactile graphics.  Register for a free account to get started!   There is a forum on the site and members of the community may submit images to the library.


Tristan Pierce shares an idea on how to use the TGIL to create stories in the image below.

  1. Download image from the TGIL and print.
  2. Cut out image.
  3. Place cut-out image on opaque paper, cardboard, or foam, and cut silhouette with an x-acto knife.  Tape colored tissue paper on back.
  4. Trace the image details with a thick black marker.  Place on the Light Box Ledge and turn off the lights.

Slide of creating stories


United States flag

Posted by Susan Peters

Posted on May 8, 2013
Updated on: May 22, 2020

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Charlotte Cushman commented on October 14, 2016

What type of graphics are you looking for, Susan?  Are you looking for a tactile flag or something specific for O & M?

Susan Peters commented on October 14, 2016

graphics for O&M