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Children's Book with Characters Who Are Visually Impaired

Cover of Sarah, Misty, and Scribbles

Sarah, Misty, and Scribble's Journey to the House By the Sea by Jacqueline Johnson, with illustrations by Frances Espanol, is a children's picture book featuring characters with different types of visual impairments.  About the book:

It aims to raise awareness and a better understanding about vision impairment in younger children. Sarah the ragdoll, Misty the rabbit, and Scribbles' the teddy bear, all have a different vision impairment. Some of the toys make fun of them because they do not understand what it means not to be able to see properly. The conclusion of the story is that Sarah, Misty and Scribbles are able to join in the games with the other toys. They feel confident and safe to explore the new house by the sea, which has now become for them a safe and happy place to be. This story can be a valuable resource for teachers and parents.

The author is an Orientation and Mobility instructor, as well as a teacher, and her experience with children with visual impairments has helped her to develop an understanding of some of the complex issues related to vision loss.

Available as a book or eBook.

Posted on November 7, 2016
Updated on: February 8, 2018