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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Childrens Book Store

Childrens Book Store

Here at, we sell REAL BOOKS, not files or e-books.  Today’s children are so-called “digital natives” they will grow up in a world where printed media and physical art is largely replaced with flickering images and files.

We know that a file will never replace the feeling and experience that a book provides.  Please don’t think we’re Luddites, we firmly believe that a lot of information is better delivered through electronic means only.  But, children, especially today’s children, can get a lot out of slowing down, putting the gadget aside and spending time in a book they can hold, page through and experience both physically and mentally.

We work hard to promote beautiful and important books that will create memories for parents, grandparents and most of all, children.

The world of juvenile literature is rich with groups and organizations that promote literacy and the values of reading. has created a list of organizations and websites that do great work and deserve your attention. Literacy Resources

Posted on April 10, 2013
Updated on: November 27, 2018