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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Confessions of a Deafblind Mother

Tracy Stine

Tracy Stine has a combined vision and hearing loss, and shares her reflections on her website Confessions of a Deafblind Mother.  The site includes her blog, videos, and a list of resources.  The most recent blog post focuses on Deafblind Access and Stine writes about the range of assistive technology available to people who are deafblind.

She notes that her blog posts will be stories about:

  • Deafblind perspective on news events
  • Deafblind reviews of shows, movies, products
  • Deafblind Tutorials on coping, independent living, and resources.
  • Short stories on growing up Deafblind.
  • Guest Blogger posts
  • Because I'm also a Mother I'd like to try household tips, crafts, cooking vids and the like.
  • I will also "recycle" my old posts from my previous free Blogger site.
Posted on July 22, 2013
Updated on: April 27, 2018