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Expanded Core Curriculum Lesson Plan Template

Template for Expanded Core Curriculum

Janet Benincosa developed a lesson plan template for the Expanded Core Curriculum and National Agenda that is posted on her website. It has a drop-down menu for each of the 9 core areas listing specific skills in that area, with four blank lines that can be customized according to an individual teacher's needs. 

NOTE:  The drop-down menu can be opened by clicking inside the white box below a heading (e.g. "Career") and then clicking on the small arrow on the right edge of the template that appears, as shown below:


ECC lesson plan template with dropdown menu


Broken Link?

Posted by Julie Manning

Posted on September 10, 2012
Updated on: December 20, 2018

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Charlotte@Perkins commented on March 21, 2015

Thank you for your interest in the ECC template and for letting us know about the broken link, which has now been removed.

The template is available for download on this page, either by clicking "lesson plan template in the first paragraph" or by clicking on attached files visiontemplate.xls

I just checked and the dropdown menu is still functioning, although it is an unusual format, so you might not see the arrows right away.  From my current view, the arrows are now to the right of the main page, as seen in the screenshot below (circled in blue).  I hope that you will be able to locate it.

ECC template


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Julie Manning commented on March 20, 2015

Hi. I am a psychologist at California School for the Blind. I love the idea of the ECC less plan template. The longer of the two links appears broken and the other link does not offer the drop down menu. Would you be willing to email me a copy of the document?

Thanks for considering and great job on making a super-useful tool!