Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Getting Ready for Braille!

A tactile learner matches textures with his teacher.

"Getting Ready for Braille!" is a new spiral-bound book published by Perkins School for the Blind, written by Perkins teachers Mary McCarthy and Nathalie DeWit.  It provides a developmental checklist for educators and parents to better understand the foundational skills and concepts a child needs in order to learn braille. The book also offers a hierarchy of hands-on activities to develop these skills and the vocabulary necessary to expand understanding.

Sighted peers often learn these concepts and terms through play and or everyday activities (incidental learning). Allowing visually impaired children the opportunity to manipulate materials in a variety of ways, in a structured familiar format and providing verbal explanation, has shown to be helpful. Working with a child at their developmental level allows them to be successful, builds their confidence and makes learning to read a rewarding experience.

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Collage of Getting Ready for Braille

Posted on November 27, 2017
Updated on: February 8, 2018