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Introduction to the Repair of the Perkins Brailler (video)

Photo from YouTube video of brailler repair many years ago

The Perkins Brailler Repair Videos on cleaning and oiling your brailler provide a step-by-step guide to the basic maintenance which may be required every few years.

Introduction to the history and repair of the Perkins Brailler (6 parts)

  • Introduction to Perkins Brailler Repair
  • Tools & Materials - Part 1
  • Disassemble the Brailler - Part 2
  • Cleaning the Brailler - Part 3
  • Lubricating the Brailler - Part 4
  • Check & Reassemble - Part 5



See the full list of the 6-part tutorial videos.

You may also be interested in the video of general maintenance.

Perkins Brailler DIY Level 1 - General Maintenance Guide

Posted on February 25, 2012
Updated on: February 21, 2022