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Listening Skills Inventory

Learning Skills Inventory cover

The Listening Skills Inventory is part of Learning Through Listening developed by Learning Ally (formerly Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic). The Listening Skills Inventory can be used to assess a student’s higher level listening skills. This is a free download that contains a checklist of skills with no reference to age.

The checklist includes the following sections:

  • Standard 1— Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding.
    • Skills — Collecting data; discovering relationships, concepts and generalizations; using, applying and transmitting the knowledge.
  • Standard 2 — Language for literary response and expression.
    • Skills — Comprehending, interpreting, and critiquing texts in every medium; drawing on personal experiences and knowledge to understand and recognize the social, historical and cultural features of the text.
  • Standard 3 — Language for critical analysis and evaluation.  
    • Skills — Analyze and evaluate experiences, ideas, information, and issues using evaluative criteria from a variety of perspectives. 
  • Standard 4 — Language for social interaction.
    • Skills — Oral communication in formal and informal settings requires the ability to talk with people of different ages, genders, and cultures, to adapt presentations to different audiences, and to reflect on how talk varies in different situations.






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Posted on February 26, 2012
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