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The Maryland Common Core Frameworks for Braille: Webinar

Maryland Common Core Frameworks for braille

Lisa Wright and Heather Johnson present a webinar on The Maryland Common Core Frameworks for Braille: Identifying the Next Generation Grade Level Braille Literacy Needs of Students.  The braille frameworks for Math and English Language Arts are aligned to the Common Core and identify grade level standards for areas not previously aligned.  The frameworks do not include instructional strategies for teaching braille, nor do they include any other skills besides teaching braille.

English Language Arts Key Highlights

  • Range of reading
  • Complexity of reading
  • Reading fluency


Impact for Braille Readers

  • Knowledge of all literary contractions by the end of grade 2
  • Knowledge of all punctuation and braille signs of composition by the end of grade 3
  • Knowledge of some computer braille code (websites, email addresses)
  • Grade level reading skills:  vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, reading speed


Impact for TVIs and Braille Readers


Technology Skills Impact for Braille Readers

  • Keyboarding skills – type pages within a single sitting
  • Presentation software, word processing, and spreadsheets
  • Mainstream devices (iPad, laptop/desktop)
  • Digital Texts
  • Internet skills


Key Highlights of Math

  • Narrow scope and deepen understanding
  • Procedural skill and fluency – quickly and accurately
  • Application: to real world and apply skills
  • Rigor of skills


The Maryland Common Core Frameworks for Braille:  Mathematics

  • Learn Nemeth Code numerals and symbols  beginning in Prekindergarten
  • New Nemeth Code introduced at every grade level through high school
  • Emphasis on reading and creating Tactile Graphics


Impact for TVIs and Braille Readers

  • Expectations for participation by all in higher level mathematics (Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry)
  • Strong knowledge of Nemeth Code
  • Strong skills in reading tactile graphics

To see the Frameworks, visit:

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Posted on April 12, 2014
Updated on: February 8, 2018