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Memorial Day Book Suggestions from Seedlings

U.S. Flag
Memorial Day is around the corner and Seedlings has compiled some awesome book selections to recognize this historical day.
Nonfiction in Contracted Braille
in the line of fire cover
Item #557, Ages 8 - 14
Stories of eight women that played a huge role in world history.
Second world war cover
Item #558, Ages 9 - 14
Twelve dramatic stories from WWII.
war dog heroes cover
Item #559, Ages 8 - 12
Stories of amazing heroism from man's best friend.
Fiction in Contracted Braille
Early Sunday Morning cover
Item #750, Ages 8 - 12
Twelve year old Amber moves from Washington D.C. to Hawaii and writes in her diary about living life through the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
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memorial day book collage


Posted on May 15, 2014
Updated on: January 5, 2022