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O & M Organizational Documents

Screenshot of Orientation and Mobility documents on Google Drive

Amy Bova has created a series of documents to help Orientation and Mobility Instructors (COMS) organize their caseloads and get things set up for the school year.  She has generously shared these through Google Drive.  

The documents include:

  • White Cane Maintenance
  • O&M Info Sheet
  • Communication Log
  • Bus Driver Handout
  • Year-End Summary Sheet
  • P.E. Teacher Information
  • Parental Permission Form
  • Emergency Preparedness Information
  • IEP Checklist
  • IEP Statement for O & M
  • Winter Travel Tips
  • Month-by-Month O & M Checklist
  • O & M Lesson Notes
  • O & M Referral Form
  • Basic Sighted Guide Techniques


Pinterest collage of O & M documents



Posted by Ana Cano-Mirabal

Posted on August 23, 2016
Updated on: February 8, 2018

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Ana Cano-Mirabal commented on August 23, 2016