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Perkins and APH Team Up to Release the SMART Brailler!

SMART Brailler

The APH SMART Brailler by Perkins is a mechanical brailler which provides auditory and visual feedback to the user through text-to-speech, as well as SimBraille and large print.  (SimBraille is short for "simulated braille" and is a visual display of what will be embossed.)  The audio and visual feedback can be used by those who do not know braille, such as families, peers, and teachers, and the auditory feedback reinforces beginning braille learners. 

The APH SMART Brailler by Perkins is now available on Federal Quota!  

Hello on SMART brailler






The APH version of the SMART Brailler comes with Building on Patterns: Kindergarten supplemental exercises.
The manual is available online in multiple formats:
We'll be interested to hear from those of you who use the SMART brailler.  Tell us about the experiences of your children or students!

For more information, see the attached flyer.


Collage of APH SMART Brailler by Perkins


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Posted on July 10, 2014
Updated on: November 20, 2021