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UEB Revision of Braille Too Curriculum

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I wanted to let everyone know that the UEB revision of the Braille Too curriculum is finally completed! Titled Braille Too: The Next Generation, it is a complete curriculum for teaching UEB reading and writing to secondary students who have been print readers.

Like previous materials from BRL2 Publishing, it is available exclusively on a USB drive that contains all the files necessary to print/emboss the teacher's edition, student braille reading materials and large print writing exercises, as well as BRF files to use on a refreshable braille device. Like the original Braille Too, vocabulary is controlled so that students are not reading uncontracted words that they would normally encounter in contracted form in braille books, and includes practice sentences, drills, supplemental reading activities in a variety of formats, writing drills and sentences, and both identification and comprehension tests for each unit. It uses the same format as the original curriculum but has been reorganized and revised to accommodate the changes with UEB and to update the content.

Braille Too: The Next Generation

The price is $400 for the print teacher's edition, $500 for the braille teacher's edition, plus $3.00 shipping.

For more information, visit the BRL2 Publishing website at or e-mail me at

Sharon Cross-Coquillette
BRL2 Publishing
Sandy, UT
Collage for Braille Too
Posted on September 13, 2017
Updated on: September 9, 2019