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The World Under My Fingers: Personal Reflections on Braille

Cover of The World Under My Fingers

The World Under My Fingers: Personal Reflections on Braille (3rd edition, 2009) is a compilation of thoughts about braille from a variety of braille readers, including both children and adults.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Braille Won’t Bite
  • Keeping Within the Lines
  • The Chance to Read
  • Success Through Reading: Heather’s Story
  • Reflections of a Lifelong Reader
  • That the Sighted May See
  • Braille: What Is It?
  • Your Child’s Right to Read
  • Study Confirms That Early Braille Education Is Vital
  • Literacy Begins At Home
  • My Shameful Secret
  • Print or Braille? I Use Both!
  • Can Braille Change the Future?
  • The Blessing of Braille
  • How to Increase Your Braille-Reading Speed
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • A Montana Yankee in Louis Braille’s Court
  • What I Prefer: Courtesy Tips from a Blind Youth
Posted on March 8, 2019
Updated on: April 8, 2019