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Step-by-Step Instructions to Post Strategies for Credit

Find out how to post activity ideas to Paths to Literacy for continuing education credit

Welcome!  We invite you to share activities and strategies related to any aspect of literacy.   This page will take you through the steps of the process to create an actual strategy post.  If you would like more information about the type of credit you will receive, and how credits are determined, please see Applying for Continuing Education Credit.

Step 1:

You must be logged in in order to create a post, having completed your user profile.  Once that is done, begin by opening the strategies template by clicking where it says “Click here”, as illustrated below.

Screenshot of creating strategy


Step 2

Choose a title or name for your activity or strategy and write an overview in the description box.  All fields marked with a red asterisk are required.


Screenshot of Creating Strategy template


Step 3

Check the box next to the topic that best relates to your strategy.  You may check more than one box.  This is a required field.

Screenshot of subject areas to check


Step 4

Upload an image relating to Strategy:  Choose a photo that represents your activity.  This can be a photo of the materials or of a student doing the activity.  If the photo shows a student, you must submit a release form signed by the student’s parents.  The release form can be found here.    This is a required field.  Please be sure to add alternate text describing the photo for individuals using screen readers.

Screenshot of image upload


Step 5

Continuing Education Credit:  Click the arrow to see more about how to earn credits.

Screenshot of Click to Earn Credit


Step 6

Please see the Instructions Page for more information on how to receive Continuing Education Credit and what is required.

Screenshot for instructions


Step 7

Materials:  Please list the items that are needed for this activity.  This field is required.

Procedure:  Please list the steps in how to use this strategy.  This field is required.

Variations: Please list brief ideas of how the activity could be adapted for different ages or ability levels or for students with different amounts of vision.  This field is required.


Screenshot of materials, procedure, variations


Step 8

Core standards:  Click on the arrow in front of any of the standards to see a list of the Common Core Standards or the Braille Standards.

Screenshot of Common Core and Braille Standards


Step 9

Check the box that shows how the activity aligns with the Common Core Standards or the Braille Standards.  You may check more than one box in more than one standard.  It is required to check at least one box for the standards, and you may select one or more from the Common Core standards and/or one or more from the Braille Standards.

Screenshot of Common Core standards for Literature


If you do not have time to finish creating your activity in one session, you may save it to finish later.  To do this, click “Save as draft”.  You must have a title before your post can be saved.

 Screenshot of Save as Draft


Your saved drafts will be visible in your account where it says “My Posts”.

Screenshot of My Posts.


When you are ready to create the final activity and upload it to the site, click “Publish”.

Screenshot of Publish

After you publish your post, it should display right away.  You will receive an email notification telling you that it has been received.  It will then be reviewed, and if approved, you will receive a certificate in electronic format. 




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