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Accessible Record-Keeping Book

August record book
My son Liam is 7 years old and happens to be deafblind.  He attends a mainstream school and will be starting 2nd grade this fall.  Liam's TVI, Mr. Joe,  takes writing samples from Liam every month (Liam most frequently uses a Perkins braillewriter).  Liam is able to take his "writing samples" and stick them onto a poster that is hanging up in his workspace at school, so that he can touch it and review it whenever he likes. The poster is a collection of a school years worth of work.  Liam's TVI adds notes and dates to the samples for himself to use or for feedback for me.  Liam enjoys showing off his writing to any visitors!  
At the end of the school year one of Liam's interpreters, Ms. Kendra, took his writings from his poster and turned them into a fun book that he was able to take home and read.  This book is one of Liam's favorites and he loves showing it off and reading his "work" to anyone that comes to visit our house.  I thought this was such a great and motivating idea for Liam (and an AWESOME keepsake!).  It also is a fun way to keep record of progress... I wanted to share it!  Ms. Kendra organized Liam's "work" by the month.  
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Posted by Charlotte Cushman

Posted on August 31, 2016
Updated on: February 7, 2018

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Do you have any resources for fireworks please for key stage 1?


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