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Braille Alphabet Activity

braille alphabet cards activity
My kindergarten student seems to have hit a wall...for now! He can produce braille lowercase letters and sing the braille alphabet song like no other! But while reading braille, he trips up. He'll count the number of dots and not the location unless prompted.
These Braille Alphabet cards are designed to focus on the dots that are present. We've tried the swing cell, but the empty holes are exciting for little fingers that want to explore that instead of focusing on the pegs.


  • t-shirt paint
  • card stock
  • braille cell pattern
  • cutting board
  • Ziploc bag
braille alphabet with holes punched outbraille alphabet
Above, you see the unused dot is paper punched out. The used dot is indicated by t-shirt paint filling it. We start with a full cell to count the dots and discuss the number of each dot. Then we compare it to a brailled full cell flashcard. We'll continue on with a few other Braille Alphabet cards.
Braille cellsbraille alphabet song
braille alphabet activity collage



Posted on April 28, 2015
Updated on: February 7, 2018