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Braille App for a dual learner

I found an app called BrailleVT (braille virtual trainer) that I have been using with a student who is a dual learner.  I am using this as an introduction to the braille alphabet and as a way that she can work independently and at her own pace to explore the braille code. 

My student has been scribbling on the brailler for a while now, and has recently started to understand the whole “dot” system.  She is learning to isolate her fingers on the keys (and is doing a great job!!) and she knows all the dot numbers now (with a thanks to thscreen shot of braille VT appis app)

When the app is opened it looks like the image to the right.    

At the bottom there is an option for lower case letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.  We are working only on the lowercase alphabet right now, but the options are there for students who are working at a little higher of a level. 

I set her up with the brailler, the Ipad on a stand for easier viewing and an APH flip cell, and then off to work she goes!!


APH flip cell closed                 APH flip cell opened


  1. First she chooses her letter, when she touches the letter it will show a picture of the braille cell on the right side.  It puts a filled in circle for the dots that are need and leaves the others blank
  2. With the flip cell closed, she puts the pegs in the corresponding dots
  3. Then she opens the flip cell and places it in front of the brailler
  4. Now she braille’s the letters
  5. Then she starts over with a new letter
  6. Once done, she takes the paper out and I help her transcribe it so that she can bring it home

I have her make an entire line of the letter to really work her fingers and to get the feel for that letter.  Once she figured out how the flip cell worked and how the app worked she really enjoys doing this as an independent activity.  When I do sit and work with her we talk about the dot combination and we sing a little song that I made up: It goes to the tune of the leap frog magnetic letter toy:

A is dot 1

A is dot 1

In braille the letters are made of dots

A is dot 1

The song works pretty well for all the letters.  I used it first during circle time while introducing letters. 



Capital sign

Posted by Mary Ann Ramirez

Braille App

Posted by Fred B.

Posted on January 20, 2013
Updated on: March 27, 2018

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Fred B. commented on July 28, 2013

Caution! Braille Visual Translator is a Braille characters translator according to the Italian Braille Table.

Mary Ann Ramirez commented on May 8, 2013

When I looked at this app, I noticed the capital sign for the capital letters is dots 46, which as I learned was the italic sign. I learned the capital sign as dot 6. And the symbol page has mostly what I am assuming is French accents. Coming from a county filled with mostly Hispanic students, it would be nice to have the accents and symbols used in their culture available as well.

I do think this is a good idea for an app however, but I will have to modify it a bit as I use it with my students.

Thank you

Katie Armstrong commented on January 21, 2013

Well it looks like I got the name of the app wrong, it is Braille Visual Translator.  Whoops. I am not very Techy!!  You can get it at the itunes store and it is free.  Here is the link  Please let me know if you have any other feedback or questions.